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History Research Guide Overview

The History Research Guide is designed to help you navigate sources in a variety of relevant disciplines.  You may want to reference this guide if you are enrolled in any of the following classes:


  • History 310
  • History 435
  • History 447
  • History 471
  • History 476
  • History 491



Welcome to the History Research Guide

This guide is a starting point for identifying, locating, and evaluating materials related to the study of History in the Carmichael Library, in academic libraries throughout the globe using WorldCat, and material available on the Internet. If you need additional assistance please contact Kathleen Lowe Director of Carmichael library or Mr. Carey Heatherly. Reference and University Archivist. 

Research Log

Research can take several days, even weeks, to complete and if you can't remember what you've already done, you can find yourself repeating steps you've already taken.  You don't want to feel like you're always starting over!!

A research log can help you remember where you have looked before and where you need to look.  Feel free to print this document out as many times as you need, or save a copy on your computer and use it electronically. 

This is just one example of a research log, as you develop your own skills and ways of collecting data, you'll likely develop your own log.