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ES 100: Environmental Science

The Research Assignment

For this paper, discuss coal mining in the state of Alabama and at least two environmental impacts from mining. The Alabama Mining Association states that 80% of coal mining is for metallurgical coal and 20% of coal mining is for thermal coal.

  • Discuss the differences in metallurgical coal and thermal coal including the environmental impacts of each one.
  • Also, determine if coal mining jobs are increasing or decreasing nationwide and what that means for Alabama (if you can find trends in coal mining for Alabama, please add those). 
  • Lastly, discuss alternative green jobs and the feasibility for those types of jobs in Alabama. 

Please include what your personal thoughts are in the paper for your research of this topic, but make sure you can use facts to state your thoughts.

For this assignment, you will need to use references to complete the assignment. Make sure that the articles you look up are objective and and reliable sources, not opinion articles. Use at least 5 references. This paper should be at least two pages, single-spaced. Do not double space. The paper should be at least two full pages with another page for your bibliography with your references. You will use citation styles for this paper either in MLA or APA format. Make sure you site properly.