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History: Reference

Featured Print Reference Source

Print reference books are on the main floor of the Carmichael Library. 

More History Resources

In additon to the databases listed on the Journals page, Carmichael Library subscribes to other online history resources, including:

Dictionaries & Biographies

Why Reference Sources?

In order to do research in any subject area, you'll need a range of sources, including books, journal articles, newspapers, blogs, magazines, and perhaps other kinds of websites.  Reference sources compliment your study and guide you as you establish your ideas.  They are designed to provide overviews of existing scholarship, concepts, and knowledge in any given subject.  Reference sources make a concerted effort to present information objectively, and they allow you to access quality information quickly.  Often, you'll find the most important scholarly sources that exist by first consulting a reference source.

Reference sources are unlike "regular" books in that they cannot be checked out of the library; you can always count on them being on the shelf.  Be sure to explore each of these categories as you begin the research process. 

History Reference Sources: American History


History Reference Sources: British History


History Reference Sources: World History