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Chemistry: e journals and more

A starting point for identifying, locating, using, and evaluating materials relating to chemistry in the Carmichael Library and on the Internet.

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Open Access Chemistry Journals

The DOI System

A DOI® name differs from commonly used Internet pointers to material such as the URL, because it identifies an object as a first-class entity, not simply the place where the object is located. The DOI System also differs from standard identifier registries such as the International Standard Book Number (ISBN), International Standard Recording Code (ISRC), etc., because it can be associated with defined services and is immediately actionable on a network.

 From the DOI Fact Sheets

Newer Journal articles often provide the DIO at the top of the article.

DOIs can be searched in databases and in Goggle Scholar

Best Bet for journals in Chemistry

BEST BET!  Use the library database ACS Publications as your first source to locate reputable and scholarly journals articles and papers in Chemistry. 

ACS Publications

Relevant Databases

Carmichael Library has access to several databases to locate journal articles and additional information in the field of chemistry.

ChemSpider Tutorial

ACS Full text journals

The following journals are available in full text (back to 1996) via the ACS Publications database

Accounts of Chemical Research
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces
ACS Catalysis
ACS Chemical Biology
ACS Chemical Neuroscience
ACS Combinatorial Science
ACS Medicinal Chemisty Letters
ACS Nano
Analytical Chemistry

Bioconjugate Checmistry

Chemical Research in Toxicology
Chemical Reviews
Chemistry of Materials
Crystal Growth & Design

Energy & Fuels
Environmental Science & Technology

Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research
Inorganic Chemistry

Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry
Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data
Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling
Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation
Journal of Medicinal Chemistry
Jouranl of Natural Products
Journal of Physical Chemistry
Journal of Proteome Research
Journal of the American Chemical Society


Molecular Pharmaceutics

Nano Letters

Organic Letters
Organic Process Research & Development
The Journal of Organic Chemistry
The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters

ACS Macro Letters
ACS Synthetic Biology

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