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Music: Apps

Select Music Education Apps

This document is a list of select music education apps and is divided into several categories of music education. Feel free to download it and use it as a guide.

Tips for Designing Lessons with iPad Apps

As a future educator, you may be tasked with the process of finding low-cost (or free) apps to use in the classroom with students. In order to design effective lesson plans, you will need ways of finding and evaluating music apps that exist. Here are a few ideas to manage the information that's out there.

1. Get connected with music education blogs that share ideas and review apps. Keep track of them with an RSS reader. Subscribe to them via e mail, or do whatever you need to do stay current.

2. Find out who writes the best music and technology blogs, and follow them on Twitter.  

3. Get in the habit of reading reviews of music apps on the iTunes store.

4. Look for ERIC documents and other scholarly research on education and technology.

Blogs about Apps and Music Education