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ENG 101 / 102 / 103 / 104: English Composition: Finding Articles

A guide for students who are in ENG 101 (or ENG 103) Composition I and ENG 102 Composition II (or ENG 104) at the University of Montevallo

Finding Academic and Popular Articles for Project 3

If you're an ENG 101 student working on Project 3, this may help! 

Here's a quick look at how to search Academic Search Premier for the academic (scholarly) and popular (magazines or newspapers) sources that you need to complete your research for Project 3

The video is part of a longer tutorial about how to approach your research for Project 3 (click the purple "Need Help with Project 3?" button on the far left of your screen) but is also viewable here for easier access.

Good luck! If you still have questions after viewing the tutorial and this video, the Carmichael Librarians are here to help you.

Sources for Local News

Recommended Databases: Other

Recommended Databases: General

The Complete A-Z of databases can be found here.

A list of databases by Subject is available as a drop-down menu on the page with the A-Z list.

Recommended Databases: English and Literature

Recommended Databases: Historical Context