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MUS 101: Introduction to Music Education: Books

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How to Read Call Numbers

The Carmichael Library uses the Library of Congress classification system to catalogue books. Below is a list of guides to interpreting the call numbers and finding books on the shelf.

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Relevant LC Call Numbers

Books on the shelves are organized by subject.  Below is a list of call number ranges where music-related books can be found.

Refer to the Library of Congress Classification Outline for more information

M5 - M1490                                                            Instrumental Music        
M 1001  Symphonies
M 1495 - M5000  Vocal Music
M 1670 - M1671  Spirituals (Songs)
ML  Literature on Music
ML 100 - ML 109 Dictionaries. Encyclopedias.
ML 112.8 - ML 158.8   Bibliography
ML 159 - ML 3775  History and Criticism
ML 3919 - ML 3920  Music Therapy
MT   Musical Instruction and Study
MT 1 - MT 5 Music Theory
MT 40 - MT 67 

Composition. Elements and Techniques of Music

MT 90 - MT 146 

Analysis and Appreciation of Musical Works

Selected Books for Music Educators

Here is a (by no mean exhaustive!) selection of books relating to music education from Carmichael Library's catalog.