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ASSIGNMENT: Research Article Summaries

Locate two peer-reviewed research articles, and provide a summary and analysis of the articles: articles must be published within the last 5 years, articles must be peer-reviewed research, and must be in the field of Family and Consumer Sciences

Choose a topic that relates to FCS and interests you!

Search databases for two articles: 

When you have two articles, identify the following:

1. Purpose of Study (1 point)
2. Theoretical Framework (If any; if none, state that) (1 point)

  • Theoretical frameworks provide a particular perspective, or lens, through which to examine a topic.​
  • Theoretical information may be mentioned in a subheading, or referred to elsewhere in the document. Scan the document for terms such as theory, framework, conceptual, perspective, etc.

3. Summary of sample and population used in study (1 point)
4. Data collection methods used in research (1 point)
5. Summary of Findings/key points (3 points)
6. Implications for FCS professionals (2 points)
7. Article reference, in proper APA format, including a hyperlink to the article if found online (1 point)

ASSIGNMENT: Research Proposal Assignment

Develop a research proposal to further explore the selected topic. Ideas and observations should be transformed into a carefully designed project that could feasibly be conducted.

Your research proposal will include the following:

  1. Introduction
  2. Theoretical conceptualization
  3. Study Purpose
  4. Literature review (find at least three closely related studies)
    • In this area you discuss your three articles and how they relate to one another and your topic.
  5. Methods
  6. Anticipated results
  7. Discussion
  8. Implications
  9. References

Is this article peer-reviewed?

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