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Communication Science & Disorders: Home

Resources for students and faculty related to audiology, speech disorders, and diseases of the ear, nose, and sinuses

Guide Purview

The Communication Science and Disorders Research Guide is designed to help you navigate sources in a variety of relevant disciplines.

You may want to reference this guide if you are enrolled in any of the following classes:

  • CSD 101 Survey of Communication Disorders
  • CSD 291 Normal Language Development
  • CSD 380 Anatomy and Physiology in Speech
  • CSD 393 Language Disorders: Assessment and Intervention
  • CSD 411 Introduction to Audiology
  • CSD 471 Aural Rehabilitation
  • CSD 495 Introduction to Voice and Fluency Disorders

You may also find useful information in some of our other Research Guides, including:


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When you are studying communication science and disorders, where do you first look to find information?

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Welcome to the Communication Science and Disorders Research Guide

Use the guide to find books, articles, news items, Internet resources, and more for CSD. 

Tympanometry conducted using an audiometer.

Photo credit: Flickr