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ENG 101 / 102 / 103 / 104: English Composition: ENG 101 Project 3 Resources: Archives Videos and Montevallo Books

A guide for students who are in ENG 101 (or ENG 103) Composition I and ENG 102 Composition II (or ENG 104) at the University of Montevallo

Getting Started with Project 3

If you're an ENG 101 student working on Project 3, you've come to the right place!

Step One: Watch the Archives Tutorial Videos (Parts One and Two) embedded in this page.

Step Two: Use the digitized books linked on the "Archives Videos and Montevallo Books" page, as well as the Digital Archives resources introduced by Carey in the videos, to find information about your Montevallo-related research subject.

Step Three: If you still have Archives-related questions, email Carey at to book an appointment with Archives staff.

Step Four: If you haven't already, complete your Field Notes about your Montevallo research subject.

Step Five: Use the information you gained from the Archives documents and your field notes to guide you toward a topic related to your Montevallo subject that you could search for in the Library Databases. 

IMPORTANT: Do not search for academic/scholarly articles about your Montevallo subject (i.e. Reynolds Hall, Julia Tutwiler, etc etc) in the library databases!!  Your best bet for finding UM-related information will be in the books about UM and/or Digital Archives documents, from your own field notes, and other credible sources such as the campus website or newspaper articles.  Once you have all of those pieces in place, then go to the databases to find your academic and credible popular sources.  Remember that you need at least one of each for this assignment.

Step Six: Search the databases for academic and credible popular sources on a topic that relates to your Montevallo research subject.  View THIS TUTORIAL to help you get started.  It includes a step-by-step guide for planning your search, as well as a short video that will introduce you to the basics of database searching.  Remember: if you need help transitioning from your Montevallo subject to a topic you can search in the databases, or if you need help finding relevant articles, librarians are here to help!  Use the "Get Help" box on this page to book an appointment directly with Anna Mary, or to contact any of the librarians via chat, email, phone, or in person.  Once you've gone through the tutorial on how to find articles, click over to the Finding Articles tab on this guide to get started searching the databases for academic and popular sources.

Archives Appointment Sign-Up

If you need to schedule a Zoom appointment with someone from the University Archives, please email Carey Heatherly, the University Archivist, at

Books and Articles About the University of Montevallo

Archives Tutorial Video: Part One

Archives Tutorial Video: Part Two