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Datamonitor Company Profiles

Datamonitor is an independent company that produces company and industry profiles of information, earnings, SWOT analysis, and much more.  The Carmichael Library accesses these reports through EBSCO Host Business Source Complete.  Use this page to search the reports directly, and follow these tips.

1.  The search interface recognizes initial articles unless you select "match any words" on the search option.  Even if you do select the "match any words" option, the results will be listed alphabetically.

2.  Be sure to search for Datamonitor reports from the link in this search box.  Do not use the EBSCO Business Source Complete main search. 

Business Databases

Trouble getting into the databases?

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"Help, Support, Assistance, Business, Service, Customer" by PeteLinforth is licensed under CC0 (Public Domain).

When you attempt to access the Carmichael Library databases from a computer off-campus you will be required to provide evidence that you are a member of the University of Montevallo community.  Only currently enrolled students, faculty and staff are eligible to use these databases.  Just click on the name of the database and you will be prompted to enter your University ID. This will verify, or authenticate, you as a member of the University of Montevallo.

If you are unable to access a database, please consider the following:

  • Your University ID is entered incorrectly

  • If your problem persists, use our Ask a Librarian form.  Provide as much information as possible and we will try to identify the cause of your inability to access the database.


TIER Industry Profiles

Industry profiles are snapshots of a given sector of the economy.  There are several different sources for industry profiles that are indexed in EBSCO Host Business Source Complete, including Taiwan Instutute of Economic Research (TIER) Industry Profiles.