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MUS 101: Introduction to Music Education: Music Home

Information Literacy Poll

When you are studying Romanticism as a movement in the arts, where do you first look to find information?

Information Literacy Poll
Books: 11 votes (25.58%)
Online (blogs, magazines, newspapers): 10 votes (23.26%)
Social networks (Twitter, Facebook): 0 votes (0%)
Academic journals: 21 votes (48.84%)
Friends: 1 votes (2.33%)
Other: 0 votes (0%)
Total Votes: 43

Library Introduction for Music Educators

Students Combine Music with Technology


Library Resources for Music Educators: An Introduction

Your campus library holds a wide variety of resources for music education students. Carmichael Library collects books, academic journals, and high-quality databases to support UM's excellent programs in music and education.

Examples of Carmicahel Library resources for music education include:

  • Music Scores - Located in the southwest corner of the second floor, most can be found shelved with other music materials in the "M"s.
  • Compact Discs - Nearly 1,000 in our collection in the A/V cabinet on the main floor.
  • Reference Books - The Library invests in important works for music research including The New Grove Encyclopedia of Music and Musicians.
  • Print Journals - The library holds dozens of important titles in music, education, and related fields.
  • Online Databases - Thousands of peer-reviewed articles are available without even stepping into the library building.



Photo Credit: Erin Lodes, Creative Commons license